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HERS Raters

HERS Raters play a vital role in the verification of compliance with California energy code. HERS Raters work with local Building Departments to verify Contractor work, and provide official documentation to city inspectors. A project’s CHEERS report is available after the required HERS testing is complete.

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Benefits of Being a
California HERS Rater

Approved by the State of California, CHEERS is a modern technology platform that provides HERS Raters tools to efficiently and effectively test and verify California Energy Code requirements.

  • Fast, mobile friendly web app provides Raters the tools they need to document and close out jobs quickly
  • Registered HERS Raters appear in CHEERS’ “Find A Pro” results
  • Online videos & guides that provide training on your schedule
  • Exceptional customer service

"The team at CHEERS has helped our business become much more effective for our client base. We look forward to a long partnership with them! Many thanks from the Archon Energy team!" "CHEERS has amazing customer service. Whenever I have a problem, the development team is fast to respond. and is beyond amazing!! I love that they continue to put in the effort to make the registry as simple and user-friendly to use as possible." "We have been using CHEERS for a little over a year now and they are honestly amazing. Their registry is incredibly user friendly and makes our paperwork process so much faster and easier...their pricing for compliance forms is cheaper than anywhere else... and their support staff is always available to help you! " "Quick email responses from CHEERS. Their people and website is so user friendly and customer oriented. The steps CHEERS gave me saved over 2 hours of phone calls and emails to find out this info. Can't do this with the other HERS registry. Great job!" "I have been using CHEERS for several years now. They have been great and I like there support. They can answer most questions on the first call and are very friendly."

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