HERS Certification

California HERS Raters are special inspectors trained to perform the energy efficiency field verification and diagnostic testing required by California Energy Code (Title 24).
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Why get certified as a California HERS Rater?

As compliance with California Energy Code (Title 24) increases, the demand for HERS Rater inspections grows. Thousands of building projects requiring HERS inspections are registered with CHEERS every month.

The State of California is actively pursuing low levels of Energy Code compliance. Local Building Departments are increasing Energy Code compliance enforcement at permit submission and project final. Builders and Contractors are recognizing the liability associated with not obtaining the required HERS inspections.

How do I get certified?

The training and testing required for California HERS Rater certification is straightforward:

  • Online Training – Complete videos and materials covering the HERS Process. Quizzes at the end of each module test proficiency. Depending on pace, course duration is 20 to 30 hours.
  • Knowledge Exam – A comprehensive exam must be completed with a 80% or higher score.
  • Field Training – Schedule and meet a CHEERS trainer in the field for hands on training with HERS testing equipment.
Online Training

“CHEERS has made verifying Title 24 projects super simple. It takes less than 60 seconds with their online system.”

LA Building Official

“Being able to to send installers and homeowners to CHEERS website to learn abbou the Title 24 and HERS process has been so helpful!”

San Diego HERS Inspector