It’s California law. Most HVAC system replacements require permitting and independent inspection by a HERS Rater which includes a Project Status Report. A CHEERS Project Status Report is only available after a HERS Rater has tested & verified your new HVAC system. Before signing a contract, make sure your HVAC contractor will provide a CHEERS Project Status Report. Use our Find a Pro search to find licensed professionals in your area.


A permit and independent HERS test is required
when making changes to your home’s HVAC system

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The average California home HVAC system leaks 30% of the conditioned air into areas other than living space. To combat this massive energy loss, the State of California requires HVAC replacements to be:

  • Permitted at the local Building Department
  • Installed by a licensed HVAC contractor
  • Tested and verified by an independent HERS Rater

Here’s a summary of the process and who does what:

Step 1 – Document

  • Register project with CHEERS
  • Get permit at local Building Dept

Responsibility: HVAC Contractor

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Step 2 – Install

  • Install new HVAC system
  • Schedule HERS Rater for testing

Responsibility: HVAC Contractor

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Step 3 – Verify

  • 3rd party testing & verification
  • Complete CHEERS Project Status Report

Responsibility: HERS Rater

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Risks of not getting a CHEERS Project Status Report

A CHEERS Project Status Report is available only after a project has passed verification and testing by an independent HERS Rater. If you are working with a contractor who does not pull a permit or use a HERS Rater for final testing, your contractor is breaking the law. Unpermitted and untested HVAC projects:

  • Do not comply with local and state building codes
  • May not be properly installed or operating efficiently
  • Increase utility bills and reduce indoor air quality
  • Potentially lower home resale value and jeopardize future insurance coverage and rates
Project Status Report (PSR)

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