Rater Quality Assurance Failure Reporting

In accordance with the California Code of Regulations, Title 20 §1673(i)(3)(C), CHEERS reports on quality assurance inspections that did not meet required criteria. Per code language:

If the Provider’s Quality Assurance personnel determine that the Rater’s results did not meet the criteria for truth, accuracy, or completeness of these regulations, then the Provider shall report the quality assurance failure on the Provider’s Rater registry and Building Performance Contractor registry websites for a period of six months.

Mark Casco 02/04/2023 Airflow
Walter Ambriz-Herrera 02/04/2023 Duct Leakage, Airflow, Refrigerant Charge
Jonathan Woods 02/13/2023 Duct Leakage
Carlos Ojeda  02/15/2023 Duct Leakage, Airflow
Krikor Karamanoukian 02/15/2023 Duct Leakage, Airflow, Fan Watt Draw
Andrew Pulos 02/25/2023 Duct Leakage, Airflow, Fan Watt Draw
Bladimir Lopez 02/27/2023 Airflow
Krikor Karamanoukian 02/27/2023 Duct Leakage, Airflow
Phillip Miller 03/07/2023 Airflow
Nathaniel Garcia 03/07/2023 Duct Leakage, Airflow
Alex Contreras 03/08/2023 Duct Leakage, Airflow
Justin Dunbar 03/10/2023 Duct Leakage, Airflow
Anthony Castillo 03/14/2023 Duct Leakage, Airflow
Daniel Dominguez 03/16/2023 Airflow
Daryll Neuburger 03/16/2023 Airflow
Ricardo Rodriguez 03/17/2023 Airflow
Jonathan Woods 03/20/2023 Duct Leakage, Airflow
Nathan Garcia 03/22/2023 Duct Leakage, Airflow
Kyle Galeno 03/22/2023 Airflow
Thomas Collins 04/03/2023 Duct Leakage, Airflow
Serzhik Akopyan 04/04/2023 Airflow
Toros Onanian 05/30/2023 EER
Spencer Montes 05/31/2023 EER, Local Mechanical Exhaust
Tom Bacchus 06/08/2023 EER, Local Mechanical Exhaust
Daniel Keshishyan 06/29/2023 EER