Code-Approved Residential HVAC Load Calculations by Coded Energy, Inc.

Coded Energy, an authorized CHEERS partner, offers a room-by-room assessment with ACCA Manual J room-by-room load calculations and a 3D file to help optimize workflow

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Kwik Model 3D

Screenshot from Kwik Model 3D.

Load Calculations Done Right for New or Existing Homes

Coded Energy provides Manual J load calculations that ensures proper equipment based on the size of the home.

This service can be used by:

  • Homeowners
  • Builders and Contractors
  • Architects
  • Energy Consultants

Optimize Comfort and Performance

  • Optimize the comfort and performance of a home by ensuring proper HVAC equipment for size of living space.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

  • Boost sustainability, and reduce carbon footprint with a high-efficient, properly sized system.

Improve the Value of Your Home

  • Enhance the value of a home by promoting energy savings, compared to similar homes without sacrificing comfort.
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Our Load Calculation Process

Provide project information

  • Start a load calculation project by submitting project information.
  • CubiCasa, a free phone app that creates floor plans by scanning the living space.
Provide Project Information

Get a cost appraisal

  • Coded Energy will provide a cost proposal within two business days.
  • Coded Energy's pricing is based the size and the number of floors of the home.

Review load calculation

  • Coded Energy will provide load calculations for review and approval.
  • Coded Energy will provide a detailed ACCA Manual J report with a Kwik 3D project file.
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We use Kwik Model 3D

Kwik Model 3D is a revolutionary new ACCA-approved software that you can use yourself, or we can do it for you.

* Load calculation service includes the electronic project file from Kwik Model 3D residential HVAC design software. Editing this file requires a 1-year license to Kwik Model 3D. Visit the Kwik Model website. If you want to do your own load calculations and duct designs, Kwik Model 3D is a great option. Written in a video game platform, it is fast, easy, intuitive and some even say fun to use. At least let us do the grunt work for you, then you can finalize the design.

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