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CHEERS Quality Assurance Program

CHEERS operates a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program in California designed to ensure HERS Rater compliance with California energy code.

The program consists of random quality assurance reviews and aims to assist with accountability, maintain high work standards, and identify training opportunities for CHEERS Certified HERS Raters.

Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance Reviews

CHEERS personnel perform random quality assurance reviews on CHEERS Certified HERS Raters and may contact a homeowner or building owner to schedule a quality assurance visit.

Have  concerns about the quality of work performed by a CHEERS Certified HERS Rater? The Quality Assurance Form is an easy way to submit detailed concerns directly to CHEERS quality assurance support team.

Home Inspection
CHEERS online training

Quality Assurance Notifications

A pass or fail notification is sent directly to a HERS Rater after a quality assurance review is completed.

Whether you have received a failure notice or simply need guidance, CHEERS quality assurance team is available to help.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the responsibilities of a HERS rater?2023-11-04T08:45:46-07:00

A HERS rater is responsible for performing field verification and diagnostic testing for the benefit of a homeowner or building owner to ensure proper measure installation and systems operations.

After performing field verification and diagnostic testing, a HERS rater is required to document test results by completing and signing a Certificate of Compliance (CF3R) for each HERS measure verified in the CHEERS Registry.

What can I do as a HERS rater to demonstrate transparency when completing verifications?2023-11-04T08:44:43-07:00

Photo documentation is a great way to demonstrate transparency when completing verifications. HERS raters are highly encouraged to upload geo-tagged photos of the front of the home and each verified measure to the CHEERS Activity Wall.

Code              Explanation
MECH -20 Duct-Test / picture of manometer reading.
MECH -21 Duct location / picture of ducting representing compliance.
MECH -22 Fan-watt / picture of the measuring device and reading.
MECH -23 Airflow / picture of the measuring device and reading.
MECH -28 Return duct + filter sizing / 1 pic representing compliance.
MECH -25 Refrigerant Charge – picture of gauge readings. Pic of ambient air temperature.
MECH -26 EER – 3 pics total. 1 each for the FAU, Coil, and A/C tag.
MECH -27 Indoor Air Quality – picture of the airflow reading.
MECH -29 Duct surface area reduction / Buried ducts – 1 picture of ducts at rough / 1 pic at final of buried ducts.
MECH -30 Ventilation Cooling – picture of the nameplate of the equipment.
MECH -31 Whole House Fan – picture of the airflow reading and/or watt reading if applicable.
MECH -32 Kitchen range hood – pic of range hood label.
MECH -33 Variable Capacity Heat Pump – 1 picture for each required verification.
ENV -20 Pic of blower door reading.
ENV -21 3 pics representing compliance.
ENV -22 2 pics of compliant walls / 1 pic of attic at final.
PLB -22 Compact / standard / parallel piping – 1 pic of distribution system that demonstrates compliance of the measurement.
Which CHEERS Registry feature can HERS Raters use to assist with a transparent quality assurance process?2023-11-04T08:48:27-07:00

The CHEERS Activity Wall can be used to assist with a transparent quality assurance process. The Activity Wall is  a central location to post field comments, attach documents, and upload  photos of test results and equipment serial numbers. 

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