Where do I Start?

A HERS test is required in California for newly built homes, new HVAC installation, replacement of an HVAC unit, relocation of a HVAC unit, or adding/replacing 40 or more feet of duct work. What does this mean for you as a homeowner? 

As a homeowner you should expect your homes features to be energy efficient and compliant with the Energy Standards set by California. The HERS verification process ensures the proposed HERS measures are installed and meet code compliance. There are several documents the Building Department will need to verify your HVAC project was completed accurately and is code compliant. These documents include:

  • Certificate of Compliance (CF1R) – this is done by the HVAC Contractor and requires the Building Permits before installation
  • Certificate of Installation (CF2R) – this is done by the contractor who actually installed the HVAC unit
  • Certificate of HERS Verification (CF3R) – this is done by a HERS Rater (a third-party professional)

There are certain forms that will be need to be submitted before a permit is issued, so if you’re unsure of the process please Find A Pro. All HVAC contractors are required to complete a HERS test after installing HVAC equipment. Make sure you protect your home and ask for your copy of the Cal Energy Report. Be sure to note the Cal Energy watermark, date and time stamp, and the name of the HERS Rater. This information can be found on the bottom of the Cal Energy Report. These unique identifiers let the Building Department know the project was complete and meets the Energy Standards of California.