Product & Feature Updates – What You May Have Missed

Over the past several weeks we reached out to HERS raters, energy consultants, builders and contractors to ask what we could do to make their jobs easier given the new normal we all live in.

After a lot of great feedback we have doubled down on our exceptional, responsive customer service AND added new registry features that save time in the field or office.

From our new text recognition Image Reader… to our time saving Field Forms, we’ve been busy behind the scenes rolling out new features. If you haven’t had a chance to see them all, here is an overview you won’t want to miss.

Field Forms

Our new Field Forms cut down 2R and 3R data entry time tremendously.Spend less time on data entry and more time focused on HERS inspection and field verifications.

Image Reader

Photos uploaded to CHEERS can be used with our new Image Reader! Image Reader uses text recognition technology to grab equipment make & model info and save it to the correct form. Raters can snap pics in the field for use at home or the office later… saves time and reduces input error!

Select the project you are working on and navigate to Field Forms. Click the button “Labels”. This will open the Image Reader functionality. Select the relevant photo and follow the on screen instructions.

Geolocated Photos on the Activity Wall

HERS Raters and contractors can upload photos from the jobsite. The photos appear with a timestamped GPS location on the project map , so you know where and when they were taken.

Raters have been uploading project photos to:

  • Document inspection and verification results
  • Record the equipment information for use with Image Reader later
  • Share questions or concerns with the builder or contractor. Any member on your CHEERS project is notified when a new image is uploaded.

The Activity Wall on CHEERS

HVAC Contractors and HERS Raters use the Activity Wall to document project progress. Building Departments are also posting comments related to issues found in the field, when their review is complete and the project is finaled!

Building Professionals are snapping a photo in the field, uploading important documents, even adding a comment on project status in real time! Assigning or sending docs is automatically recorded on the project’s Activity Wall. Project members are notified with each post. Spend less time sending and filing emails… the Activity Wall records a history of activity and communication for your project.