Job Board & Job Postings

As individuals and companies adapt, so does the job hunting/hiring process. At CHEERS, we’re encouraging our job seekers to keep going. The most secure jobs right now are in the Title 24 industry, and companies are still hiring. But where does one even start?

Look no further than the CHEERS Job Board. If you’re searching for your dream job or looking to fish in a fresh candidate pool, check out the CHEERS Job Board and view/post job openings today.

To post an available job, login to CHEERS and look for “Job Posts” in your company settings. Note, only company admins can access this feature. On the next screen fill in your job details and click submit. It’s simple, easy, and most importantly free.

Job seekers can search for opportunities as well as upload their resumes. Employers will be able to post available positions, as well as peruse the resumes of future employees.