Photo documentation is a great way to demonstrate transparency when completing verifications. HERS raters are highly encouraged to upload geo-tagged photos of the front of the home and each verified measure to the CHEERS Activity Wall.

Code              Explanation
MECH -20 Duct-Test / picture of manometer reading.
MECH -21 Duct location / picture of ducting representing compliance.
MECH -22 Fan-watt / picture of the measuring device and reading.
MECH -23 Airflow / picture of the measuring device and reading.
MECH -28 Return duct + filter sizing / 1 pic representing compliance.
MECH -25 Refrigerant Charge – picture of gauge readings. Pic of ambient air temperature.
MECH -26 EER – 3 pics total. 1 each for the FAU, Coil, and A/C tag.
MECH -27 Indoor Air Quality – picture of the airflow reading.
MECH -29 Duct surface area reduction / Buried ducts – 1 picture of ducts at rough / 1 pic at final of buried ducts.
MECH -30 Ventilation Cooling – picture of the nameplate of the equipment.
MECH -31 Whole House Fan – picture of the airflow reading and/or watt reading if applicable.
MECH -32 Kitchen range hood – pic of range hood label.
MECH -33 Variable Capacity Heat Pump – 1 picture for each required verification.
ENV -20 Pic of blower door reading.
ENV -21 3 pics representing compliance.
ENV -22 2 pics of compliant walls / 1 pic of attic at final.
PLB -22 Compact / standard / parallel piping – 1 pic of distribution system that demonstrates compliance of the measurement.