Builders have a choice!

Home builders have a choice where your projects are registered for California Energy Code (Title 24). Completing energy compliance paperwork can be a hassle. CHEERS has developed a central and intuitive Title 24 registry used by most California builders.

Why CHEERS is the better choice

Here are the top reasons why building professionals choose CHEERS:
CENTRAL REGISTRY: all HERS and Non-HERS forms in a single database, along with 45L tax credit pre-qualification and certificates
ACTIVITY WALL: project notes, photos, and geolocation tags all in one place
COMMUNITY DASHBOARD:  Simple, fast-glance dashboard provides a quick overview of your projects
REAL TIME ALERTS: Have specific staff (like your super) get notified when forms are completed, photos are taken, or project notes are updated
45L TAX CREDIT CERTIFICATION: CHEERS is the only registry in California with 45L certificates built in
EASY SIGN-OFFS: Get project sign-off quickly, letting you complete your job faster
ASSIGNMENT TOOL: Assign Title 24 forms to Contractors for review and completion with a few button clicks.

Compare these features with our competition and see why CHEERS is the #1 energy code registry in California.