Being a CHEERS Certified Rater is more than simply having a job. It's a profession. And CHEERS certification marks you as a first-rate professional.

As such you can count on receiving first-rate support in the form of training, documentation, sales support material and innovative new technology that enables you to build and maintain a profitable business.

From the start CHEERS provides you with the tools to become certified, support through the process and supports your efforts in selling your valuable services.

On Demand Learning Centre

In the Centre you are in charge of your education. You can study on your own time and at your own pace; you don't have to be chained down by class schedules and instructor's deadlines; you can endlessly review the material and ask as many questions as you'd like, because you deserve the top notch education and training you paid for. Here, you are in the Centre, and you have our undivided attention. Our easy to use online learning management system can help you save money, and maximize your time. Let us upgrade you to a better tomorrow today.