Find A Pro Tool

Thousands of building professionals have received job leads from our Find A Pro search tool. HVAC Contractors finding HERS Raters, Homeowners finding HVAC Contractors, Builders & Architects finding Energy Consultants. CHEERS’s Find A Pro search is a free lead generator for your business!

And now it’s even better. With our latest update, you can revise the company details that appear in your Find A Pro listing. Company logo, contact number, contact email, website address and more. Here’s an example Find A Pro listing:

Display Name. Change the way your business name appears in the search results for better brand recognition. Great for DBAs.

Phone Number. Want the sales phone line to ring? Want calls routed to your cell phone? No problem, you can update the listed phone number to anything you like.

Website Address. Have a newly created website? Changing your web address? Updating your URL is easy.

Contact EmailSend Find A Pro leads to a specific person in your organization for a faster response.

Business Logo. Upload your own company logo for your Find A Pro listing.

Drive new business to your door with CHEERS!

How To Manage Your Find A Pro Listing

Managing how your business displays in the Find A Pro search results is now easier than ever. With our most recent update, users now have the ability to revise their business details. Simply login to CHEERS’s Registry and follow the instructions below.

  • Click on the User Settings Icon in the top right corner
  • Under “California Energy Registry Profile”, choose the Find A Pro Listing
  • From there you can manage your Business Details
    • Phone Number
    • Website URL
    • Business Display Name
    • Company Logo

The reviews will be still be pulled from both your Yelp and Google profiles. To manage or claim your profiles, please visit Yelp or Google.
To access your new Find A Pro Company Management Page, you first need to be an account admin for your business. 

We hope you are loving the Find A Pro tool as much as we are!